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  • Nghi Quyet Dai Hoi Co Dong                         
    Bien Ban Kiem Phieu                                   
    Bao cao ty le an toan TC 6 dau nam 2017      
    Bao cao TC 30.06.2017                                
    Quyet dinh giai the shf                                 
    Cong van 4984 cua UBCK xac nhan
    phuong an giai the                                        
    CBTT24-giai the shf                                      
    Cong bo thong tin                                         
    Nghi quyet DHDCD 2017                                
    UY QUYEN ĐHCD 2017                                 
    Thu moi                                                         
    Giay de cu thanh vien HDQT_BKS                  
    Giay dang ky hop DHCD 2017                        
    Chuong trinh DHCD                                       
    QĐ UBCK ve viec chap thuan giao dich           
    CBTT24h chuyen nhuong T&T                        
    BC ty le an tai chinh 2016                              
    BCKT 2016                                                   
    Thông báo kết quả giao dịch                            
    CBTT24h chap nhan giao dich shf                    
    QD chap thuan chuyen nhuong-SHF                
    BCTC ban nien soat xet 2016                          
    BC TLATTC ban nien soat xet 2016                  
    BCTLATTC 31122015                                       
    BCTC KToan 2015                                           
    BCKQGD PSI của CĐNB                                 
    BCKQGDSHB của người có liên quan               
    TBGDPSI Của CDNB                                       
    TBGD cổ phiếu SHB của người có liên quan      
    TBGD cổ phiếu SHS của người có liên quan      

    SHF BCTC da kiem toan 2014                           
    SHF BCTLATTC 2014 da kiem toan                    

    BCTC Q3                                                         

    SHF_ BCTC 2014 semiannual review                  
    SHF BC TLATTC semiannual review 2014           

    SHF Adequacy Ratio Finance Report 2013          

    SHF Financial Report 31.12.2013                       

    Appointed investment director Nguyen Ngoc Nghi

    Appointed investment director

    Luu Nguyen Chi Nhan                                        

    Resolution Shareholders                                    

    Report on change in ownership of major


    Report financial adequacy ratio 30-6-2013            

    Report financial adequacy ratio 31.12.2012          

    The financial statements have been reviewed 2013

    Financial Report SHF - 31.12.2012                      

    World Economy 2012-2013                                

    SHF Macro Note December 2012                         Announced relocation of the head office              
    License adjusting                                              

    SHF newsletter 09.10.2012                                
    SHF newsletter 17.09.2012                                
    SHF newsletter 27.08.2012                                

    SHF weekly newsletter 20.08.2012                     

    SHF Weekly Newsletter 13.08.2012
    August 6th newslettter  


  •     SHF provides a wide range of professional asset management services and products for institutional and individual investors who are interested in investment activities in Vietnam. With a large pool of available resources, extensive local experience and proven ability to provide investment solutions, SHF is dedicated to serving the needs of investors onshore and offshore.
    SHF is fully entrusted by clients to make and execute investment decisions. Typical products are:
    - Income Portfolio:
      For investor who seeks current income with minimal risk to principal, is comfortable with only modest   long-term growth of principal, and has a short- to mid-range investment time horizon.
    - Balanced Portfolio:
      For investor who seeks to reduce potential volatility by including income-generating investments in his or her   portfolio and accepting moderate growth of principal, is willing to tolerate short-term price fluctuations, and   has a mid- to long-range investment time horizon.
    - Growth Portfolio:
      For investor who seeks to maximize the long-term potential for growth of principal, is willing to tolerate   potentially large short-term price fluctuations, and has a long-term investment time horizon. Generating   current income is not a primary goal.
    SHF is instructed by clients to make and execute investment decision.
    Typical products include:
    - IPO auctions
    - Listed and OTC equities
    - Government, corporate bonds bidding
    As at 30 June 2011 assets under management totalled $200 million.