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  • Nghi Quyet Dai Hoi Co Dong                         
    Bien Ban Kiem Phieu                                   
    Bao cao ty le an toan TC 6 dau nam 2017      
    Bao cao TC 30.06.2017                                
    Quyet dinh giai the shf                                 
    Cong van 4984 cua UBCK xac nhan
    phuong an giai the                                        
    CBTT24-giai the shf                                      
    Cong bo thong tin                                         
    Nghi quyet DHDCD 2017                                
    UY QUYEN ĐHCD 2017                                 
    Thu moi                                                         
    Giay de cu thanh vien HDQT_BKS                  
    Giay dang ky hop DHCD 2017                        
    Chuong trinh DHCD                                       
    QĐ UBCK ve viec chap thuan giao dich           
    CBTT24h chuyen nhuong T&T                        
    BC ty le an tai chinh 2016                              
    BCKT 2016                                                   
    Thông báo kết quả giao dịch                            
    CBTT24h chap nhan giao dich shf                    
    QD chap thuan chuyen nhuong-SHF                
    BCTC ban nien soat xet 2016                          
    BC TLATTC ban nien soat xet 2016                  
    BCTLATTC 31122015                                       
    BCTC KToan 2015                                           
    BCKQGD PSI của CĐNB                                 
    BCKQGDSHB của người có liên quan               
    TBGDPSI Của CDNB                                       
    TBGD cổ phiếu SHB của người có liên quan      
    TBGD cổ phiếu SHS của người có liên quan      

    SHF BCTC da kiem toan 2014                           
    SHF BCTLATTC 2014 da kiem toan                    

    BCTC Q3                                                         

    SHF_ BCTC 2014 semiannual review                  
    SHF BC TLATTC semiannual review 2014           

    SHF Adequacy Ratio Finance Report 2013          

    SHF Financial Report 31.12.2013                       

    Appointed investment director Nguyen Ngoc Nghi

    Appointed investment director

    Luu Nguyen Chi Nhan                                        

    Resolution Shareholders                                    

    Report on change in ownership of major


    Report financial adequacy ratio 30-6-2013            

    Report financial adequacy ratio 31.12.2012          

    The financial statements have been reviewed 2013

    Financial Report SHF - 31.12.2012                      

    World Economy 2012-2013                                

    SHF Macro Note December 2012                         Announced relocation of the head office              
    License adjusting                                              

    SHF newsletter 09.10.2012                                
    SHF newsletter 17.09.2012                                
    SHF newsletter 27.08.2012                                

    SHF weekly newsletter 20.08.2012                     

    SHF Weekly Newsletter 13.08.2012
    August 6th newslettter  


  • Our Founders
  • Saigon Commercial Bank - Hanoi
    Founded in 1993, the Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank - Hanoi is one of the banks have the fastest growth rate in Vietnam. With a chartered capital of VND 4,800 billion and an active network of over 130 branches and transaction offices, SHB is now one of the top 10 commercial banks had total assets of Vietnam's largest. SHB strategy sets out a vision to become a powerful financial group operating under the international standards by 2015. SHB shares are listed on the Stock Exchange Hanoi (HASTC) from 2/2009.
    - "Bank provides international payment service excellence in 2010", by Wells Fargo
           and Bank of New York voted.
    - Award "Bank Top 500 fastest-growing Vietnam Business
          2010 "
    - Award for "Best Bank in Vietnam 2010" by Banker magazine poll.
    - State Bank of class A, 2010
    - Award "Bank trade finance best Vietnam" by Global Finance
    - Award "Bank trade finance best Vietnam" by Finance Asia average
    - Certificate of Merit by the Prime Minister awarded the Director General SHB 2010.
    - Award "Bank implemented its core banking software the best in Asia" by The
          The average Asian Banker.
    Coal Industry Group - Minerals of Vietnam (Vinacomin)
    National Coal Corporation - Vietnam Mineral Corporation is one of economic importance in the industrial economy in Vietnam with major business lines including:
    - Mining of coal and mineral
    - Power Industry
    - Management and operation of seaports, inland wharves
    - Business investment in infrastructure and real estate
    Vinacomin model operating under the parent company - subsidiary with 81 affiliates, including Mining Industry Corporation Vietnam North - Vinacomin is designated as representative of Vinacomin capital contribution in the SHF.
    Rubber Industry Group (Vietnam Rubber Group - VRG)
    Vietnam Rubber Group plays an important role in the economy with 47 member companies distributed throughout the provinces and cities nationwide and 23rd among the 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam. Business activities of the Group include key areas:
    - Planting, tending, harvesting rubber
    - Rubber Industry: Manufacturing and selling industrial products, rubber, raw
         rubber material industry;
    - Planting and production, buying, selling raw materials (natural rubber), wood into
    - Power Industry: Investment in construction, mining, operation of hydropower plants,
    - Manufacturing and selling building materials
    Representatives of VRG capital contribution in the fund management company from Saigon - Hanoi Joint Stock Company for Urban Development and the Industrial Rubber Vietnam.
    T & T

    Founded in 1993, T & T has grown into a conglomerate with 12 companies and affiliated units, engaged in business in many areas of Real Estate - Finance - Industry and Mining - Sports, in which the Real Estate business is profitable mainstream. T & T is now a prestigious brand in the field of real estate investment with a series of projects in the potential locations across the country. Group aims to revenue growth from 20-25% / year, owns a large network of customers and partnerships with many leading multinationals.

    The Red Star International Co., Ltd.
    Founded in 1993, the Red Star International Co., Ltd. has over 18 years in the commercial sector and provide export freight forwarding services. The Company is a prestigious brand in the industry with a modern distribution system, extensive sales network at home and abroad and a system of uniform technical basis for freight operations. In addition, the company also actively joint venture to market expansion and development into new areas.